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Our aim as a learning community is to help all children do well and learn without being restricted by our expectations.  

In his recent book, Final Word, Sir Graham Henry describes how he became the most successful coach in the world of rugby by changing his long held philosophy for coaching.  The former Principal of Auckland Grammar had 30 years of experience working with ‘teams’  but changed his approach to coaching his players as ‘individuals’ and attending to their very specific requirements.  Graham humorously describes this as giving his players a ‘kick or a cuddle’ depending on their personal needs.  

At Kaipaki School we work hard to treat all children fairly but that does not mean that we treat them all in exactly the same way.  We see them as individuals who have specific personal and learning needs.  Whilst we are inevitably grouped in classes, we also work extensively in small groups or individually.  The differentiated learning programme is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each child wherever possible.  We set personal learning goals within the framework of the New Zealand Curriculum.