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Concerns and Complaints

This policy provides staff members, parents/caregivers, and the wider school community with clear guidelines for raising and resolving concerns and complaints.

We encourage open communication and prefer that you come to us to talk through any issues rather than discussing them in the community.

We have procedures in place to ensure that complaints and concerns are handled appropriately. Our procedures enable us to:

  • maintain a safe environment for our students and staff
  • treat all people fairly, transparently, and with dignity and respect
  • resolve matters of concern early, if possible
  • respond to feedback and concerns constructively
  • deal with complaints fairly, effectively, and in a timely manner
  • take into account individual circumstances
  • maintain confidentiality
  • preserve and enhance school and community relationships
  • monitor and record complaints and concerns about student safety and wellbeing.

Most concerns can be resolved informally through discussions with the people concerned. See Guidelines for Raising Concerns. The school also has a procedure for making a formal complaint if informal discussion doesn't resolve the issue.

For complaints concerning harassment, see Harassment. For allegations of theft or fraud, see Theft and Fraud Prevention. School employees needing to make a protected disclosure, see Protected Disclosure.

We will be able to manage your concerns and complaints more effectively if you raise them with us promptly.

Complaints about events that occurred more than three months earlier, do not involve you or your children, or which have been made anonymously, will not usually be formally investigated.

SchoolDocs appreciates the guidance of Fiona McMillan (fiona.mcmillan@al.nz) from Anderson Lloyd, and David Beck (david@sblaw.nz) of SB Law incorporating RA Fraser & Associates, who have separately reviewed the changes we made to the Complaints section as a result of our three yearly review.

We recommend boards of trustees seek legal advice at the earliest stages of any serious complaint to ensure the correct process is followed.


  • Employment Relations Act 2000