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Student Achievement Information

The purpose of assessment is to improve student learning outcomes and the quality of our teaching programmes. Assessment informs our strategic planning. It enables us to provide feedback on individual performance to students and parents, and to report on schoolwide achievement to the board, parents, community, and Ministry of Education.

The school fosters student achievement by providing inclusive teaching and learning programmes, and opportunities to achieve success in all areas of the national curriculum.

We collect information about individual student performance through formal and informal tests and assessments, and regularly report to students and parents/caregivers on student achievement and progress.

Our assessment tools include:


  • PATs (Progressive achievement tests)


  • GloSS (Global Strategy Stage)
  • JAM (Junior assessment of mathematics)


  • Observation survey of early literacy (5/6 year net)

Assessment results are compared and analysed for student and school achievement goals and targets. We maintain assessment records on our student management system. Teachers maintain individual student achievement files.

We have internal procedures in place to monitor, moderate, and review our assessment practices and delivery of teaching programmes.