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    Our Annual Flower Day provides us with a chance to showcase our creativity with flowers.


Information around this year's Flower Day:

Flower Day is coming up on the first Tuesday back in Term 4, Tuesday 19th October 2021! 

This year, due to the increased risk that Covid will rain on our parade, students’ creations will be filmed and sent out as a Vimeo link for all to see. 

Here’s what you need to know:  

✔ Every class  will be making vaseline saucers together on Tuesday 19th October.  Please send any suitable flowers for this project to school on the Tuesday morning.

✔ Each class will be making something special as well. Teachers will be in  contact to let you know what your child will need to bring to school on Tuesday for their class project.  

In addition, students, or families, are also invited to make items at home to bring for  display. They may choose one (or more) of the following: 

• Aqua jars 

• Miniature worlds 

• Cupcake or cake decorating 

• Unusual container for flowers 

• Dried/ pressed flower art/bookmarks 

• Scarecrows