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Although we are a small school we offer great opportunities for sports as Kaipaki only or in combination with other local country schools.  When mixed age and gender sports are played our children do exceptionally well and it is a great way for parents to get involved in the wider life of the school.


Kaipaki School currently has many school sports teams and a dedicated sports co-ordinator (Mr Julian Coutts), who manages our in-school sports programme, coaches teams and co-ordinates our involvement in multiple sports codes. We have school teams in: rugby, netball, hockey, cricket, miniball, equestrian, cycling to name a few. 

Hockey:  Our Year 4-8 children combine to make our successful hockey teams and play at St Peter’s School hockey turf on Friday nights throughout the winter months.  Our enthusiastic parents coach and manage the teams and get great results.

Miniball:  During Terms 1 and 4 our children play at Cambridge High School gym and we have 2 or 3 teams entered in a highly competitive tournament against local schools.  Whilst normally for Years 5/6 children only we’ve had dispensations to play younger or older children occasionally.  The coaching and management of the teams involves our Y8 children and committed parents.

Rugby, Netball and Football:  Cambridge is very lucky to have great sporting opportunities for Saturday morning sports.  

During Terms 1 & 4 all Kaipaki children get professional swimming lessons at the heated at St Peters Swimming Academy.  In addition, Kaipaki takes part in the Y4/8 competitions for Triathlon, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and the Rural Schools Winter Sports Day.