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12 September 2018

Hello to our parent community

We have some good fundraising initiative to end the year strong coming up soon, however we do need volunteers to help make these happen!

For those of you that have put your hand up (or want to) and offered to help - please see the following activities below:

1. The Great Kaipaki Facebook Auction 
This is our major fundraiser for the last term and is set to generate some very good earnings which we are excited about.  Sarah Phillips and Gina Schick have kindly offered their time and expertise in setting up the Facebook page and marketing materials.  

However, we need volunteers for the following roles:
- To approach businesses for either a good or service which can be auctioned.  Or you may know of someone who can provide a value-added service (ie home maintenance, gardening) or someone who can provide a business good or voucher (ie. restaurant, day spa...)
- We will have great marketing material available to volunteers to help explain the concept to people 
- To make this a success we really do need a good amount of volunteers to generate these auction items
- Our timeframe for having auction items in place is by mid-October when it is set to 'go live'
- If interested, send your name to Mandy, thanks  

2. Ag Day Bake Sale

We will be running a bake sale at the upcoming Ag Day (October)and need the following volunteer help:
- 2 - 3 people to provide baking/savoury food for the judges (there are only a couple so the quantity won't need to be large.
- For the bake sale we would require parents to 'send a plate' for sale, to ensure we don't have an over-supply we thought this could be from the junior classroom parents (we would then take other parents for the next bake day fundraiser).
- Could we please have 1 - 2 junior classroom parent(s) to co-ordinate.
- If interested, send your name to Mandy, thanks

3. Rural Schools Athletics  

We are the 'duty' school for the food stall on Athletics Day (coming up in November) which will be held on the Athletic grounds (Vogel St, Cambridge).
We require the following volunteer help:
- 2-4 parents to help co-ordinate the food items and to 'man' the stall on the day
-We have undertaken this duty in the last few years, so there is a good run-sheet to follow and its a straightforward process
- If interested, send your name to Mandy, thanks 

Phew! This should be all for the last term, therefore we look forward to your support to end the year on a high.
Full PTA minutes will be posted on the Kaipaki School website by the end of this week.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and 'thanks' in advance for your support.

Rebecca & the PTA team 

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