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In October each year we hold our school Agricultural Day (Ag day).  

For our families who are new to the concept of Ag Day, it is an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate what makes us different from town schools, and that is rural life.   On the day itself we have  traditional Ag Day competitions with experienced judges assessing the lamb, calf and kid goat entries.  

We encourage all children who are able to, to have a calf, lamb or kid goat, to rear and befriend.  Animals can usually be found for those families who do not live on a farm, often on a 'return' basis.  In the past, children from town with an average sized backyard have still managed to raise a goat or a lamb.  Children of all ages from Kaipaki School are able to enter, including pre-school children.  

This year, Ag Day is on Wednesday 19th October.

Ag day sports will be run in the afternoon once the animals have departed.